Ordinary Things (Novel)


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From Proserpine to Kinshasa, Peru to Malaysia, across centuries, the lives of ordinary people collide with literature, history and myth, written in everyday objects. This is a novel about driving to work and Heian poetry, slavery and telemarketing, war in the Congo, coin operated noodle bars, and crossroads.


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Reader Reactions

“ABSOLUTELY amazing book, I was gob-smacked, the Booker wouldn’t do it justice, get a copy and change yer freakin’ world.” -VM

“…what a fucking cracking piece of work…. What a strange and compelling piece of work.” -SB

“…a striking piece of experimental literary fiction…” -Anon

“Off the top of my head I can’t bring to mind a better text commentary on collective consciousness and the human condition. The structure is delicate and careful as the plum blossoms. I’ve never seen illustrations used as reference point like that.” -VM

“That was the most interesting and innovative book I’ve read in a very long time.” -VM